History of Chandio Family:

I am Gada Hussain Chandio son of  Sher Ali Chandio, my Grand Father is Sono Khan Chandio son of Sainto Khan Chandio and Sainto Khan Chandio son off Araz Muhammd Chandio.We belogs to Chandio Family and Chandio Famiy belogs to Baloch tribe. Now I am living in a Village named Karega Chandio in Mithiani, Talku Moro District NaushahroFeroze Division Sukkur Province Sindh Country Pakistan

CHANDIO (چانڈیو)

Chandio is a Baloch tribe in Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan. The clans of Chandio, Aajbani, (sakhani)) Qambrani, Ghaibiani,Marfani, Choliyani, Bangulani, Misrani, Mirwani, Sakhani, Bhunda, Sumarani, are famous in Sindh and in Punjab. Especially in district Rahim Yar Khan the following clans are famous: Husnani, Hydrani, SahbKhanani, Laalwani, Paisani, and Mubarkani.

This was the first Baloch tribe who left the mountains of Balochistan especially from Harboe Kalat and Dhadar Bolan due to disappointment of useless and Baloch genocide war between Rind and Lashari this tribe settled in Koh-e-Suleman areas of  D.G Khan. The chief of the tribe at that time 1600 AD Sardar Harian Khan Baloch established a new village in the name of his beautiful younger son Ahmed Khan Chandio and was commonly known as Kot Ahmed Khan. This village at present is being known as Kotla Ahmed Khan near Dera Ghazi Khan, and the grave of this brave Sardar is in the boundary wall of Pir Shakhi Sarwar  near D.G Khan. The Grandson of Sardar Harian Khan who after completing education from Iraq accompanied and headed the tribe was Sardar Suleman Khan Chandio and famously being known as Sardar Sreman Khan Chandio who after the request of the Army Chief of Sindh Doulah Darya Khan Lashari migrated from Dera Ghazi Khan to mountains of Khirther, the region where this family lived was called Chandka region, which is in the Qambar-Shahdad kot, Larkana and Dadu districts. The family later spread throughout the Sindh and Punjab region. The Chandio tribe is now spread out over Pakistan with a concentration in Sindh.

Sir Nawab Ghaibi Khan Chandio was also awarded the title of Nawab by Britishers in late 19s by Lord Mount Batten. The British government later “disabled” the status of the Chandka region. Chandio’s oldest base village is Ghaibi Dero and most influential village is Rais Haji Bhanbho Khan Chandio which is captured by Feroz khan chandio. He was great person in this tribe after the death of Feroz khan chandio his son Ghul Muhammad khan chandio handled his leadership. Muhammad Khizer Chandio is the son of Ghul Muhammad khan chandio, Muzaffar Ali Chandio is the son of Muhammad Khizer Chandio and Muhammad Yasir Chandio is the son of Muzaffar Ali Chandio this family play great role in the succes of chandio’s tribe and this village Haji Rais Bhanbho Khan chandio is near to Taluka Miro Khan District Kambar Shahdadkot. And Now in present The Great and Brave Nawab Dr. Abdul Qadir Chandio Son of  Nawab Ghulam Muhammad Chandio from village RaisBhanboo Khan Chandio is playing a great role in the success of Chandio’s tribe. Dr. Abdul QadirChandio is SPO in Sindh Police. And his elder brother Abdul Khalique Chandio and younger brother Abdul Sattar Chandio are also playing great role in Chandio’s Tribe and working for the development of Chandio’s. In the Aajbani district khuzdar Khair Muhammad Chandio is the head of Chandio tribe . Later on Aftab Chandio will be the head of tribe.


Chandio In Balochistan:

Majority of Chandio in District Sibi in sibi there are two historical villages: village juma kach chandia village raza chandia and three mauzas mauza juma kach chandia mauza dilawar kach chandia mauza razachandia and minority in JaffarAbad,Usta Muhammad, Bolan Khuzdar, Barkhan, Kohlu agency and Gawadar districts of Balochistan.


Population of Chandio:

Per a survey of the Sindh Qaumi Welfare Association, the Chandio tribe has a population of over 6 million people who live in various parts of the world. District Larkana, District Qambar, Dadu District, District Nawabshah and District Khairpur are the most populous vicinities of Chandio in Sindh. The Chandio community is also settled in Seraiki belt f Punjab,Pakistan like Multan and Muzaffar garh and District  Layyah and District Bhakkar and Tehsil Darya Khan. Janwari is a break away sub-clan of Chandio, which established a separate tribe. According to social development societies of Sindh that there over 10,000 Sindhis residing in Islamabad till 2008. Chandio tribe 700, Talpur300, Channer 450-500, Memon, Soomro, Lashari, Hattar, Qazi, Khand,Junejo, Narejo and other tribes of Sindh 8000-9000 residing in Islamabad. Majority of Chandio tribe residing in Islamabad belong to village Let Nangar Khan Chandio, Near Mithiani, Tehsil Moro, District NaushehroFeroze . Other Chandio of District Larkana, Qambar-Shadad kot, TandoAllahyar, Dadu, Sibi, Muzaffargarh also living is Islamabad.Chandio Family basically belong to Baloch Tribe now they live all over the Pakistan and identified as Pakistani in all over the world.


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